Working to Update and Sell Vacant Property

Today, I met with Joel Palmer, Principal of Scioli Turco, and their attorney, Richard Vanderslice, Esquire, regarding the use of the Conservatorship Act (Act 135), to help revitalize our commercial corridor. As many of you know, or heard me discuss, Act 135 is a legislative tool enacted to empower a community to go to court to take possession of a blighted, vacant property in order to repair and return to productive use. Scioli Turco is a registered non-profit established only to utilize this Act to improve communities throughout the City. I have included the link above so that you can read about this organization and the extraordinary work they have already done. When I was on the Mayfair CDC Board, we worked with Scioli Turco on four (4) successful residential projects in Mayfair.


Joel and Rick were more than willing to work with the Mayfair BID to use this tool for a commercial purpose, and we agreed that if we proceed, we should start with an agreed, pilot property. Scioli Turco puts out the costs, as they will receive a development fee for any successful filing. They would partner with the Mayfair BID as our organization can give them standing to proceed. To wit, the petitioner must have worked on a property rehabilitation projects within five (5) miles of the subject parcel. We must find real property that has been continuously vacant for at least one (1) year; has not been actively marketed for sale for six (6) months prior to filing; and meets the statutory requirements for blight (L&I can be a helpful ally).


Please review and provide me with your thoughts. I am happy to bring Mr. Palmer to our next Board meeting, so that we can answer any questions you may have, as well as to discuss a possible property selection.

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