Visit the best decorated homes in Mayfair on the Christmas trolley


Philadelphia, P.A. (Dec. 30, 2023) — The Mayfair Business Improvement District partnered with the Mayfair Civic Association to deliver custom-made lawn signs and prizes to the best decorated rowhomes, singles/corners/twins, houses of worship and businesses in Mayfair, beginning Dec. 1.

Each year the contest includes a Mayfair Christmas Decoration Contest Map, featuring all 200+ entries, giving residents and visitors the opportunity to drive or walk around Mayfair and enjoy the displays.

The map is also used as guide for the Mayfair Christmas Decoration Trolley Tour, where visitors can hop aboard a 1955 PTC trolley to tour Mayfair and view the displays.

It’s another time-honored tradition in Mayfair!

Congratulations to all of our winners (listed in no particular order):
Best Decorated Businesses
BellaLisa Hair Studio
McCafferty Funeral & Cremation Inc.
Torresdale Flowers
Lloyd Sixsmith
Best Decorated Rowhomes
3513 Shelmire
3350 Friendship
3507 Tudor
Best Decorated Singles, Corners & Twins
7816 Calvert
7930 Lister
7816 Lexington
7411 Brous
Places of Worship
St. Matthew Parish – Mayfair
St Timothy’s Catholic Church
Congratulations to all of the winners! Beautiful job all around.
Media Inquiries:
Jenna Renaud
(609) 319-9159
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