The Abandoned & Blighted Property and Conservatorship

Blight is a problem facing all neighborhoods.  It affects property values, increases crime, and can damage the psyche of local residents.  It is our obligation to vigilantly utilize all available resources and tools to combat these issues to preserve and enhance, Mayfair.  I have been fortunate to work with Representative John J. Taylor (177th Legislative District) to help develop and revise the Abandoned and Blighted Property and Conservatorship Act (Act 135), which allows individuals, community groups, and business entities to initiate litigation in a court of competent jurisdiction to take possession of a blighted, vacant property in order to return this to productive use.  Moreover, I have had the privilege to work with Scioli Turco, Richard Vanderslice, Esquire and Jonathan Stein, Esquire, to practically implement these tools throughout the District, including four (4) properties alone in Mayfair.  It is a law that can revitalize a City…….one property at a time!


To that end, I am pleased to present the attached handbook produced by the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group outlining 10 years of success stories about Act 135.  Special thanks to author, Sabreena Woods, for asking me to be a participant in this valuable memorandum.  Stay tuned as both the Mayfair Business Improvement District (BID) and the Mayfair Community Development Corporation (CDC) have identified several commercial and residential properties in Mayfair to file for Conservatorship. 


When you think revitalization…….Make it Mayfair!

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Abandoned & Blighted Property and Conservatorship

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