MBID Renewal Survey

MBID Renewal Survey

The Mayfair Business Improvement District (MBID) is a two (2) mile stretch on Frankford Avenue, from Harbison to Sheffield Avenues, as well as a short block in each direction on Cottman Avenue.  It has been the birthplace of several local iconic institutions including, but not limited to, Chickie’s and Pete’s, Philly Pretzel Factory, Giggles Gifts, Stein Your Florist, and the Mayfair Diner.  In addition, it has spawned new, unique, thriving gems, such as Factory Donuts, the Grey Lodge, the House of Thai, Emma’s Italian Cuisine, Art History 101, and Frank’s Gourmet Burgers and Steaks.  We have accomplished so much, and this year we were nominated for “Non-Profit of the Year” for the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s Excellence Awards as well as were awarded the honor of “Business of the Year” by our Police District Service Area (PDAC).


In 2021 MBID is up for reauthorization with City Council. As part of our reauthorization bid, we are looking to gauge businesses and residents' feedback on MBID activities as we move forward.


Please take a few moments to answer our short survey about the Mayfair Business Improvement District.

MBID boundary map

1. Using the map as a guide, which best describes your affiliation with Mayfair Business Improvement District (MBID)?

2. The Mayfair Business Improvement District administers programs to improve the neighborhood. Which programs do you believe have been most successful?
(Check all that apply)

3. What programs would you like to see implemented in Mayfair over the next 5 years?

4. What is the single most important issue facing Mayfair?


5.  Which statement best describes your perception of cleanliness?

6. Are you aware that Mayfair is using the services of Ready Willing & Able, which provides sweeping, plus trash and debris collection removal 3 times a week?

7. How would you rate the quality of Ready Willing & Able’s services?

8. If you could make one change to MBID to improve cleanliness what would it be?

Mayfair Business Improvement District Map

9. Using only the area within the map which statement best describes your perception of safety within the district?

10. Do you know that MBID utilized a private security firm from 2:00 – 5:00pm on weekdays?

11. How would you rate the impact of the public safety program on the district?

12. If you could make one change to improve public safety within Mayfair Business Improvement District, what would it be?


13. Which best describes your perception of the businesses in the MBID?

14. Which if any, businesses would you like to see more of in Mayfair?


15. Where do you look for information about Mayfair?

16. Are you familiar with the Make It Mayfair marketing campaign?

17. Have you seen our ads in the following? (Check all that apply)

18. Do you believe the advertising is helpful in the promotion of the Mayfair business corridor?

19. Did you hear about the unique and dynamic events within the Mayfair BID?

20. Do you think the events were a successful way to strengthen the district’s identity and bring people to Mayfair?

21. Are you in favor of continuing the Mayfair Business Improvement District for another 5 years (2020 – 2025)?

Thank you for taking the time to respond regarding the renewal of the Mayfair Business Improvement District.

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