Philly’s Plastic Bags Ban • Fines & Enforcement Begins Tomorrow

Philadelphia will begin enforcing its ban on single-use plastic bags on Friday (April 1st) with businesses that violate the law facing fines of at least $150.
  • October 1, 2021–April 1, 2022: The City will write warnings for businesses using non-compliant bags.
  • April 1, 2022 onward: The City will issue violation notices for businesses using non-compliant bags. These notices carry a minimum penalty of $150.

Each violation of the ordinance is subject to a separate fine.
If businesses repeatedly or egregiously violate the ordinance, the City may take them to court and ask the judge to impose additional penalties.

Click HERE to read an article about the Ban and details in today’s METRO.

Click HERE for FAQ’s about the Ban.

Click HERE to see complete details about the Ban including what is and isn’t allowed, and why the city issued the ban in the first place.

(From Donny Smith on March 31, 2022)

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