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Philadelphia SafeCam Program • 50% Reimbursement

If you don’t have a camera system yet, now is a great time to invest in one. Having cameras outside of your business not only acts as a deterrent, but is also a great way to monitor activity at your business 24 hours a day. Having a camera system also aids the police department in apprehending criminals, and keeping our neighborhood safer.

As a reminder, the city of Philadelphia is offering up to 50% reimbursement for security systems (max reimbursement $3,000) that are registered with the SafeCam Program.

Process and eligibility

Who is eligible to apply

  • Businesses that own the building property
  • Businesses that rent the building property, and have approval from the property owner

To apply, businesses must be registered and licensed with the City of Philadelphia. You must also be current with all City taxes.

What you need to apply

  • Photos showing where you would locate the cameras
  • At least one estimate from a licensed contractor (a second estimate is recommended)
  • If you rent the building property, a letter from the building owner granting permission for the work
Click HERE for more information about the Philadelphia SafeCam reimbursement program. 

Over the years the Mayfair BID has worked with Omega Security Systems, and together we have installed 57 cameras along our corridor.

Click HERE to learn more about Omega Security Systems.

Omega Security Systems provided some ballpark figures for a camera system. Below please find those numbers. You can use any camera installer that you wish to participate in the SafeCam Program, however, the BID already has a working relationship with Omega.

Every business would be different based on the construction inside and how easy it would be to run the wires. Below are ballpark figures:

  • 2 cameras, recorder, hard drive: $2,200 installed with $1100 reimbursement from the City.
  • 3 cameras, recorder, hard drive: $2,800 installed with $1400 reimbursement from the City.
  • 4 cameras, recorder, hard drive: $3,400 installed with $1700 reimbursement from the City. 
If you are interested in participating in the SafeCam Program, please contact Donny Smith at
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