Philadelphia florist preparing for a busy Valentine’s Day [CBS News]

(Originally posted by CBS News February 14, 2023)

A spot in Mayfair has been creating beautiful bouquets for more than a century.

At Stein Your Florist Co., Valentine’s Day bouquets complete with roses, teddy bears and plenty of other accents were on display and ready to be given out.

“It’s a lot of prep work,” said owner Patrick Kelly. “We’ve been working at 50, 60, 70 hours a week.”

Our morning executive producer was hard at work too, surprising our morning team with flowers from the shop.

Going out for Valentine’s Day? What to know

It’s going to be a mild Valentine’s Day, our NEXT Weather team reports. It’s a nice day for an outdoor wedding, with multiple couples expected to get married in Love Park Tuesday morning.

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