PenDot Surveying

One of my goals is bring pedestrian friendly changes to Frankford Avenue to create a welcoming atmosphere where people will park their cars, and walk the Avenue to shop, dine, enjoy spirits and utilize a myriad of professional services that only Mayfair has to offer. To that end, I have assembled a team from PennDOT, the Streets Department, SEPTA, the Planning Commission, the Philadelphia Office of Transportation Services, the Water Department and our elected officials, to reach that end.


This analysis will be done in association with the department’s highway safety improvement project on Frankford Avenue that is in design. The analysis will be limited in scope as compared to the proposed, more comprehensive study that Angie is working on. The department’s consultant has begun acquiring the necessary traffic data that will be used to analyze the corridor. We expect to be ready to share the traffic analysis information with your Frankford Avenue group sometime this spring.

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