New Security Cameras Installed at Frankford & Bleigh

As you all know, the Mayfair Business Improvement District (BID) works tirelessly to find and utilize any and all methods to ensure the safety of the business owners, as well as their employees and patrons, along Frankford Avenue. With the assistance of Daniel Renn of Omega Security Systems and the Philadelphia Commerce Department, we secured a grant to help us fund the installation of surveillance cameras as six (6) designated intersections within the BID. We already have completed installation with Frankford and Cottman/Ryan Avenues, as well as Frankford and Princeton Avenues, respectively. We are pleased to inform you that Omega Security Systems, Inc. completed placing the cameras at Frankford and Bleigh Avenues (please see the photograph below). We expect the remaining selected intersections located at Frankford and Sheffield Avenues; Frankford and Unruh Avenues; and Frankford and Harbison Avenues, respectively, will be installed by the end of May, 2018. The goal will be to have this unified system run live to local enforcement. Finally, the Mayfair BID will investigating implementing more cameras and different locations with our commercial. Should there be any issues that require obtaining footage from the aforementioned cameras, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We will use any tool to keep you all safe because “safety doesn’t happen by accident”.

Security Cameras at Frankford Ave and Bleigh Street

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