Mural Arts on Cottman Avenue with artist David Guinn

Last night, I met with Maria Moller (Philadelphia Mural Arts Program), Ryan Keller, Scoats, Mia Hylan (Rep. Taylor’s Office), and Barbara Baur (Tacony LAB). We met to discuss the mural arts set for Cottman Avenue with artist David Guinn ( David has done many projects throughout the city, and he is known for doing vibrant, innovative work. 

 The Purpose

The purpose of this meeting was to begin the design process for David’s mural on Cottman Avenue. Cottman Avenue is located near the intersection with Frankford. The mural is planned to span one wall – the Hertz wall on the south side of the street next to Santucci’s. We discussed how David could begin to build a picture of the community and understand the goals of the mural. Working within David’s process and protocol, we’ll also develop a plan for community engagement and painting of the mural.  The suggested subject for the mural is Mayfair history, with iconic images leading to current day.  It is a chance to enhance our message for people to come to Mayfair to “Make New Memories”. 

Date of Importance

On September 5, 2018, we will be taking David on a tour of our community. This will be done so that he can experience the sights and sounds of Mayfair. In addition, he will be able to speak to business owners and residents about what Mayfair means to them. The goal is for David to come up with a preliminary design that we like, so that we can then engage the public.  We expect that painting can begin in mid to late October of 2018 (with a “Painting Day” event to kick it off). The project will be completed before the end of the year. The mural arts set for Cottman Avenue will surely be a success.

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Mural Arts Set For Cottman Avenue
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