Mayor Cherelle L. Parker Signs an Executive Order for the Creation of a Clean and Green Cabinet and Introduces the Cabinet Members

Today, Mayor Cherelle L. Parker signed an Executive Order establishing the Clean and Green Cabinet. This Executive Order is part of the Parker Administration’s commitment to making the City of Philadelphia the Safest, Cleanest and Greenest big city in the nation with access to Economic Opportunity for all. As outlined in the Mayor’s 100-Day Action Plan, the Clean and Green Cabinet will assist with organizing government agencies, businesses, community partners, and other stakeholders around a comprehensive and data-driven action plan to reduce the generation of waste, increase rates of recycling, and tackle litter and illegal dumping.

“I established the Office of Clean and Green Initiatives to promote intra-agency cooperation and the Clean and Green Cabinet is the perfect way to do that,” said Mayor Cherelle L. Parker. “This cabinet brings together a diverse group of professionals to create action steps that will significantly influence community investments in quality-of-life concerns. This role demands considerable attention and the cabinet members’ willingness to volunteer demonstrates their dedication to a brighter future for Philadelphia.”

The Clean and Green Cabinet consists of over 30 experts in the fields of sustainability, greening, quality of life, environmental justice, waste reduction, economic and community development. Within the Cabinet there are six committees: Quality of Life, Greening and Beautification, Enforcement, Sustainability, Community Councils and Commercial Improvement. They will be responsible for researching and evaluating methods for making Philadelphia cleaner and greener and for making policy, programmatic, and budgetary recommendations for the City and its partners to pursue. The members represent a broad cross-section of neighborhoods and interests across the city and range from government, nonprofit, business, and community backgrounds.

Mayor Parker also signed an Executive Order officially establishing the Office of Clean and Green Initiatives which promotes cross-departmental and intra-agency cooperation in the fight against quality-of-life issues such as litter, abandoned autos, graffiti, nuisance businesses, and illegal dumping.

“Since the beginning of her Administration Mayor Parker has given clear and concrete direction that city departments and partnering agencies will no longer be working in silos to tackle the city’s quality of life issues,” said Carlton Williams, Director of the Office of Clean and Green Initiatives. “By establishing the Office of Clean and Green Initiatives, the Mayor has implemented an action plan as to how the city will address these challenges. She has established intergovernmental collaboration among city departments, partnering agencies, community groups, businesses, and residents working as a unified front to combat trash and litter across Philadelphia,” Williams continued.

Effective upon Mayor Parker signing the Executive Order the Clean and Green Cabinet will:

  • Evaluate best practices, policies, and programs related to each of the six Committees and sub-topics, including from peer cities in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Make recommendations to the Mayor that are implementable and feasible with the Mayor’s first term. Recommendations and progress will be detailed in an annual report due December 31st, 2024.
  • Account for the work of existing plans, commissions, and prior engagement with communities.
  • Identify direct changes to their own operations and programs that they can make to help achieve the vision of a safer, cleaner, and greener Philadelphia with economic opportunity for all.
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