Lonsta is Lighting the Way on Frankford Avenue

Lonsta Mayfair Philly

We’re pleased to announce Lonsta Mayfair Philly. As this is the season where bright lights shine along our Avenue, it is fitting that an enterprise specializing in LED lighting should “find the way” to open within our commercial corridor.  We are pleased to announce the opening of Lonsta, 7410 Frankford Avenue (215-333-6563).  As you can see from the attached photographs, Lonsta “shines” above all of the rest, and has everything you need for to beautify and enlighten any location or occasion.  Stop in there today to “light up the darkness” (Bob Marley).


When you “light up your world”……..”Make it Mayfair!”

Lonsta Storefront on Frankford Avenue
Lonsta Store Interior Led Lighting & Accessories
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