Councilmember Gilmore touring the corridor

Last Week in Mayfair • Touring the Corridor

It was a busy week last week in Mayfair!

Last week we toured our corridor with Councilmembers Gilmore-Richardson and Henon, State Representatives Driscoll and Hohenstein, Dr. Raval-Nelson of the Health Department, Director Rashid and Nicole Tillman of the Philadelphia Commerce Department, Acting Commissioner DiPietro of L&I, Philly 311, and Senator Tartaglione.

The Councilmember Gilmore-Richardson and Henon tour took place to address properties that may not be in compliance with Gilmore-Richardson’s latest drug paraphernalia Bill (Bill # 210159).

The Mayfair BID submitted testimony towards this Bill, and it has passed unanimously out of the Rules Committee.

Following that tour, we toured our corridor again, this time with Senator Tina Tartaglione, who presented the Mayfair CDC with a check for $50,000, which has already been earmarked and is currently being used to fund the Mayfair

Storefront Improvement Projects that the Mayfair CDC and the Mayfair BID are working on together. Projects that have already been completed include the Northeast Philadelphia Development Corporation (NPDC) storefront (attached), Reales’ storefront (attached), as well as Marinucci’s Deli. Currently in the works are Tom’s Pub and Smile Philly, and we have approximately a dozen more in the works.

If you have already contacted us about your storefront improvement project, I would strongly encourage you to follow through as these funds will be exhausted with so many others expressing interest.

If you have not already contacted us and would like to discuss improving your storefront, please do so now so that we can get you started. Reach out to Donny at

One by one we will transform Mayfair, and along with the support of our elected officials and city leaders, we will continue to make Mayfair a Great Place to Visit and an Awesome Place to Live!

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