Graffiti Removal on the Corridor – Keep Mayfair Beautiful

Mayfair Businesses is affected by vandalism. Vandalism, such as graffiti, hurts our commercial corridor and the entire community.  It hampers business growth, causes business/property owners countless repair dollars, and causes blight.  However, together can halt the negative impact caused by this crime.  Kindly find the below-link outlining the anti-graffiti service offer by the City of Philadelphia. 

If you see graffiti in your community, you can request its removal for free. The Graffiti Abatement Team can usually remove or cover up graffiti in 4-5 days, except in cases of adverse weather.

When you report graffiti, you may be asked:

  • The address and ZIP code where the graffiti appears.
  • What kind of structure the graffiti is on.
  • The type of surface the graffiti is on. If you own the surface, and you want it repainted, you will pick a color for repainting. Surfaces like natural brick, stone, or metal can be power-washed.
  • Where the graffiti is on the structure.
  • Your name, address, and phone number. This information is confidential.

You can request this service by filling out the online Graffiti Removal Form. You can also call to ask for its removal.

If the graffiti is on a home, business, municipal building, street sign, or traffic signal outside of Center City, call 311. If you are calling from outside of the City limits, call (215) 686-8686.

If the graffiti appears elsewhere, use the table below to find the right contact information.

Moreover, if your business has been damaged by this public nuisance, please contact me for assistance.

Let’s continue to work to keep Mayfair beautiful!

Philadelphia Graffiti Removal

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