graffiti photo

Graffiti in Mayfair

We work very hard to eliminate graffiti in Mayfair with our Corridor Manager Jim oftentimes removing the graffiti in the early morning hours before anyone ever sees it. The attached photos tell a different story though.

These photos were taken in broad daylight at approximately 2:30pm right at the intersection of Frankford & Bleigh. The vandal threatened to physically harm the photographer for taking his picture.

His photos along with his “tags” have been shared with the police department for future reference.graffiti

If you have any footage of this vandal that you can share, please let me know.

Take a good look at his shoes as they are easily identifiable.

If you see him or ANYONE vandalizing our neighborhood, please call 911 immediately and report it. We’re all in this together.

Thank you!

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