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Eagles fans and businesses make final plans before Super Bowl Sunday [ABC News]

(Article originally published by ABC News February 12, 2023)

As we count down to the Super Bowl Sunday, Eagles fans are scrambling to secure their last-minute game day plans.

“I’m probably going to do a bar, haven’t decided that yet, cause I’m like superstitious when it comes to where I sit,” said Shamssadeen Nur Ali Baukman from West Philadelphia.

“I only realized about two days ago, every place is selling tickets. I’m going to leave my hotel about 8-9 in the morning and just wander around,” said Alex Fowler who flew in from Hunterville, North Carolina Saturday evening.

Businesses are also preparing for the anticipated large crowds.

At Gino’s Pizza Cafe on Frankford Avenue, they’re stocked up on dough, cheese and wings.

“It’s been steady, business is good. The vibes are up, everyone’s excited for the game. I feel like every time someone comes in or out, it’s either go Eagles, go Birds,” said Emily Belevan at Gino’s Pizza Cafe.

Belevan says the cafe will be open Sunday to meet demand.

“We’re usually closed on Sunday, this being Super Bowl, we had to be open for everybody,” said Belevan.

At McKenna’s Bar, also on Frankford Avenue, they’re making plans for a standing-room-only crowd with extra security

“We’ll be open at noon, we’re going to try our best to stay open until 2 p.m., but see how long our stock lasts,” said McKenna’s Bar bartender, Marcie Lee.

The city of Philadelphia is prepared. The fencing and barricades are up in some places and the light poles are greased.

Of course, there will be plenty of police to ensure everyone’s safety.

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