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Dine & Dash Prevention

Dine and Dash is a term used when a customer eats a meal and leaves without paying the bill. The term has been around for quite some time, however unfortunately the practice of dining and dashing is on the uprise not just here in Philadelphia, but all over America. It has been said that the most common excuse for Dine and Dash is the length of time that it takes to receive the check, however that still doesn’t make it right. Sadly, I’ve recently learned that one of our own was recently a victim of Dine and Dash, so I figured that I’d share  some ideas on how others have tried to prevent Dine and Dash. Several bars and restaurants have already begun implementing several of these ideas. All have their pros and cons, however all effectively prevent dine and Dash.
Pay Up Front
This would mean that customers would place their order and pay BEFORE receiving the meal and could effectively be done with a POS System. This practice is effective but may leave the server emptyhanded when it comes time to leave a tip.
Restaurant Apps
This is where restaurants would use an app for ordering, and customers would order and immediately pay for their food directly through the app. There are several apps available, however HERE is an example.
Hold a Credit Card
This is probably the most effective way to prevent Dine and Dash, and also appears to be the most common practice among bars and restaurants. In practice, the server would ask for a credit card up front, and charges would be added as additional items are ordered.
If you have any other suggestions that you’d like me to share please let Donny Smith know.
If you have been a victim of Dine and Dash, please let Donny Smith know so that he can keep track and alert Captain Walker.
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