Clean PHL for a Cleaner Community in Mayfair

New & Innovative Solutions to Cleaner Street

As you all know, the Mayfair BID (Business Improvement District) utilizes all available tools and resources. These including having the great team at Ready, Willing and Able to clean and remove refuse on Frankford Avenue. This is done to maintain and clean our thriving commercial corridor.  We continue to engage all of our City Departments and community partners to find new, innovative solutions to keep a safe, clean and beautiful thoroughfare.

Clean PHL website for Local Initiatives

Please find here the link to “Clean PHL” the new tool from the City of Philadelphia to alert you to all necessary and practical programs, case studies and initiatives for litter prevention.  In fact, I signed up the Mayfair BID to be part of Clean PHL’s “Community Cans” program to get more accessible trash receptacles in our community.  Kindly review the above-link and contact me with any questions.

Lend a Helping Hand

Mayfair is utilizing all efforts to maintain a clean, innovative, and beautiful community. With these new innovations, we can assure you that our community is being well taken care of.

We encourage citizens and businesses to do their part in this movement! If everyone lended a hand in maintaining our community, Mayfair would be in its best condition. There are many ways to get involved in our community. A few ways to get involved could be volunteering, supporting local businesses, local tidy ups, helping neighbors, raising money, and donating.

When you think beauty……….”Make it Mayfair”!


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