Aya Fusion New Storefront Improvement & Grant Programs

Aya Fusion Storefront Improvement

Mayfair Philly wants to inform you of an important event. It is never too late to make a first impression, or enhance an existing brand.  Check out the beautiful new storefront at Aya Fusion Restaurant, located at 7313 Frankford Avenue.  The enticing new façade and signage is the perfect invitation to the culinary delights contained therein. 



Philadelphia Storefront Improvement Grants

The City of Philadelphia offers a Storefront Improvement Grant (exterior signa are included), in which the program can reimburse up to 50%of the cost of eligible improvements to a maximum of $10,000.00 for a single commercial property, or up to $15,000.00 for a multiple address or corner business parcel.  Please find the above link to the Storefront Improvement Program.  Kindly review same, and I am happy to meet with you to discuss in further detail, as well as to prepare the application.



Security Camera Installation Grants

As the Mayfair Business Improvement District completed the installation of security cameras at six (6) designated intersections along Frankford Avenue, which was recently featured on NBC10, we encourage all of you to enhance safety measures at your property. The Business Security Camera Program, reimburses commercial property owners and business owners for the installation of surveillance cameras, to make their locations safer for shoppers, staff, and the community. By doing so, then registering your cameras on the Philadelphia Police Department’s SafeCam Program, you can provide a necessary investigative tool for local law enforcement. To find out more, please contact me for assistance, and check out this NBC 10 news feature on how our surveillance cameras are making a difference in our corridor! Watch story on NBC3

Aya Fusion Storefront Improvement
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