Mayfair-Holmsburg Thanksgiving flyer

45th Annual Mayfair-Holmsburg Thanksgiving Parade

The Mayfair-Holmsburg Thanksgiving Parade is almost here! This will be our 45th stroll down Frankford Avenue, and we are asking businesses to invite as many people as you can to your establishment and share some memories with us.

Friendly reminders leading up to parade day:

    • Frankford Avenue will be closed on Sunday from Solly Avenue to Unruh beginning at approximately 10:30am. It will reopen shortly after the parade has been completed (approximately 2:30-3pm)
    • If you have a Toys for Tots box, please put it in front of your business during the parade
    • The Scouts will be collecting canned goods during the parade.


Please ask your staff and your customers to pray for a warm, dry, and wind-free day on Sunday!

It’s going to be a great day in Mayfair and we’ll see you then!

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