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44th Annual Mayfair / Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade • PARTICIPANTS NEEDED!

Discussions surrounding the 44th Annual Mayfair / Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade, are in the works!

The Parade is scheduled for Sunday November 21st, beginning at noon.

We will not only need sponsors for the event, but also and equally important, WE NEED PARTICIPANTS!  This parade brings thousands of people to Mayfair, and the more fun that it is, the better that it will be for everyone.

We’re looking for string bands, school bands, acts, floats, basically anything that you’d like to see in a parade, we need more of. If you can think of anyone who you think might be interested in participating in the parade, please send them our way. They do NOT have to be from Philadelphia!

    • Promote your business!
    • Be seen by everyone!


NOW is the time to start thinking about possibly creating your own float, and putting it in the parade. It doesn’t need to be a float per se, it just needs to be fun! Grab a group of friends and decorate a trailer, a pickup truck, or dress in silly costumes. Got a dart team? Build a dart board! Shuffleboard team, build a shuffleboard table. Have fun with it!

Details about the parade can be found HERE (updated as necessary). Reach out to Donny Smith at if you’re interested or know someone who might be interested.

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